Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is me and my two "LITTLE" Lap Dog's (NOT)

Sable and Gus
Hello, My name is Kellie and this is my "NEW" Blog and when I say new I mean really new!
Please be patient with me while I try and develop some writing skills for this new adventure.
Precious and Sable 2000
Up in that picture on my left side is Sable she will be 11 year's old in October. She is a full blooded German Shepard, she is such a good dog, she was trained by my other dog Precious (who was a real GEM of a dog) RIP Precious! Precious used to go and sit by the door like she wanted to go out and when we opened the door she would go lay down and Sable would go out and she taught her what she should do and what NOT to do in Mommy's house.They were best friend's and always side by side. I can't find any picture's of one of them just by themselves. they loved each other so much that when in 2006 Precious had an operation and then passed away in recovery. Sable did not understand where did her best friend go and why? Well I also asked myself that everyday because you see she was my best friend too! It was so quiet in my house without my FATTY PATTY that was my nickname for her because she loved to eat and it showed. The Doctor's at the Vets said they never knew a 100 pound dog named Precious. LOL. So after two weeks of Sable not eating and constantly going and sitting up looking out the window we decided to look for another buddy for her.
Gus on his first day home
I got on the computer and looked for a new friend and I found Gus he was just the cutest little thing and we drove two hours away to go and get him from a shelter.
Sable and Gus December 2010
Painting that My hubby and son got me for xmas in 2006
He got car sick and still to this day he can not go more than five minutes away without getting sick! Well Sable did not appreciate us bringing her home a new friend at all! But they did adjust to each other the friendship is not the same at all. And Gus is my problem pup he is afraid of everything "wind, trucks, rain. thunder, fireworks, etc," and he has separation anxiety which he takes two prozacs every morning and when he is really upset he also takes a zanx. But I deal with it even if I'am up all night long with him on those stormy nights.They might not be like Precious and her were but I guess they are getting closer as they age. Just thought I would give a back story on my puppies they are a big part of my life just like my son and hubby are.

Exhaustion Sets in

I can never fall asleep, I'am up all hour's of the night. Which is okay if I don't have to get up and go to work. Which I had to do today all I do is yawn all day and could fall asleep right now. But when it come's time to go to bed I will be wide awake!
I have plan's for tonight. I want to make my boss a present for her new baby that is coming very soon. Her last day will be this Saturday. After I give it to her I will post a picture of it. I wouldn't want her to see this and then the present will be spoiled!