Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do it Yourself (Diaper Wreath)

Today I'am going to share with you the Making of the Diaper Wreath that I custom made for a customer.
A few weeks ago I posted the wreath that I made for my Boss for her baby, well when I took it to work to deliver it to her, I met a lady that loved the wreath and I gave her a business card and she called me last week and ordered one for a baby shower that she is going to in a couple week's. So this is the one I made for her and how I made it:
1- 16inch green metal round wreath form
Pink curling ribbon
27- Diaper's (newborn size 1) You can use any size you want, but the wreath size will vary then.
1- 2ounce bottle
1-5 ounce bottle
3-baby headband's
5-baby wash cloth's
1-newborn outfit
1-pair of baby Croc's
3-pair's of infant sock's
1-travel size baby wipe case
1-toy keychain teether
1-plastic tiara with jewels
1-Pink ribbon

I enjoy making wreaths of all kind's but I especially like these diaper wreath's.
I hope my direction's are easy to follow. I also hope that you like this project.