Saturday, January 29, 2011


PART ONE : I never really had an actual space to work on my craft's. For year's I would just sit at the kitchen table or dining room table. That was when I used to paint I love to paint ceramic's or plaster craft's. We have a whole "SLEW" of Christmas decorative plaster crafts. I would paint the ornament's for my  Christmas tree. 
Crafts every where!
This was my "quiet" time that I would be off all by myself after my son would go to sleep. My hubby would fall asleep in his chair and I would sneak off to my little corner of the house, but I was not alone I had my two furbabies laying under my feet!
I eventually stopped painting don't really know why, but I then started doing latch hook rugs and then paint by numbers but I had to stop that because it started to get really hard to see those numbers, (I am sure alot of you know what I mean) LOL.
Totes of flowers
But about two year's ago my son moved out and I was feeling that "EMPTY NEST" so I suggested to my hubby that I would like to start a wreath business online because on our local news that had talked about ETSY. Tom (my hubby) told me to go for it and he would help out in any way that he could.

So much stuff
 We just happened to have an "EMPTY" room so I decided to fill it up with all my craft stuff and I hung wreaths all over the walls as I finished them. My mom is also involved with the making of the wreath's. We get together a couple times a week or a month and we "CRAFT" and talk and just have a wonderful time together. These are the moment's that I will alway's treasure!
So anyway's my son decided that he wanted to go to school and he would not be able to do that and live out on his own, so he came back home which was really great except for the fact that now I had to figure out what to do with all this stuff! As you can see there was alot!
Well I moved it all downstairs to my dining room and it looked like I belonged in that show "THE HOARDERS" and it was kinda swallowing my hubby up because that is where he has his computer.
Picture#1 SHED
Work area
Well we lived with that for about a month and we were out at the store and walked by one of those really nice sheds made out of wood and had planter boxes and I jokingly said oh look "Kellie's Craft Shack" ha! ha!. And Tom's eyes lit up and said oh yeah that is a great idea. I was only joking when I said it. So we decided to buy one and it didn't get installed until late August. We painted the outside of it to kinda match our house so it would not look to out of place in our yard, because it is not a big yard.We had a lot of work ahead of us. Picture #1 is what it looked like after we painted it on the outside.These pictures  are of the inside before we drywalled and insulated the inside.Which that was a big job and it was so hot in there with the sun beating down I felt like I was melting because I have not liked the heat for a few years now. So when the drywall was up we then painted it a bright and cheery yellow.

 This is the end of part one of this post..........

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